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Moderat – III (2016)


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Moderat – III [Limited Edition] (2016)
Limited Edition / 3CD Box-Set




Intent on creating something that contrasted their own individual projects, Moderat — the trio comprised of Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary (aka Modeselektor) and Sascha Ring (aka Apparat) — complete the trilogy with III.

III pairs an emotional pull with sensual imagery, creating dynamic sound and depth with sophisticated lyrics and themes as they direct their gaze inward.

Apparat gives an insight on the journey we call life, Modeselektor reach another level, develop an intoxicating energy with their distinct rhythmical textures.

One of the best parts of Moderat is their use of electronics to achieve orchestral diversity. With III, they update the songwriting tradition with an intriguing palette, born of careful attention and skill, informed by their experiences with sounds of nearly 25 years of sub-and-club culture. These three were initially brought together by Berlin’s now legendary rave scene and with this as their common foundation as individuals, III signifies Moderat’s maturation in modern pop and mastery of the group.

CD 01 [Originals]
01. Eating Hooks [Original])04:33)
02. Running [Original] (03:52)
03. Finder [Original] (05:20)
04. Ghostmother [Original] (05:58)
05. Reminder [Original] (03:55)
06. The Fool [Original] (04:13)
07. Intruder [Original] (04:39)
08. Animal Trails [Original] (04:39)
09. Ethereal [Original] (05:29)
Playtime: 42:38

CD 02 [Instrumentals]
01. Eating Hooks [Instrumental Version] (04:33)
02. Running [Instrumental Version] (03:52)
03. Finder [Instrumental Version] (05:20)
04. Ghostmother [Instrumental Version] (05:58)
05. Reminder [Instrumental Version] (03:55)
06. The Fool [Instrumental Version] (04:13)
07. Intruder [Instrumental Version] (04:39)
08. Animal Trails [Instrumental Version] (04:39)
09. Ethereal [Instrumental Version] (05:29)
Playtime: 42:38

CD 03 [Bonus Tracks & Remixes]
01. Eating Hooks [NGHT DRPS Remix] (05:17)
02. Reminder [Hodges More Amor Remix] (05:45)
03. Eating Hooks [Siriusmo Remix] (04:42)
04. Fondle (04:52)
05. Ethereal [Benjamin Damage Remix] (04:07)
06. Intruder [Skeemask Remix] (05:14)
07. Ethereal [More Ethereal] (04:57)
08. Invaluable Waste From The Outlying Districts Pt. 01 (07:24)
09. Invaluable Waste From The Outlying Districts Pt. 02 (07:43)
10. Invaluable Waste From The Outlying Districts Pt. 03 (16:48)
Playtime: 1:06:49

Total Playtime: 2:32:05


| Genre: House, Minimal Techno, IDM, Microhouse, Electropop | Label: Monkeytown | MP3 VBR0 (245~320kbps) | 295.60 MB |


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