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Parallels Desktop For Mac v11.2.0.32581 Business Edition


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Parallels Desktop For Mac v11.2.0.32581 Business Edition


Enjoy now without any problems all the advantages of OS X and Windows with Parallels Desktop 11 The more powerful virtualization software enables simultaneously you to easily switch without rebooting between operating systems and thus to work on your Mac with Microsoft programs and other non-system applications.

The Business Edition builds upon Parallels Desktop’s award-winning solution by adding administrative features that enable IT departments to control and manage end user virtual machines as well as manage and administer licenses via the new Parallels License Management Portal. This exclusive feature provides IT administrators with vital information, such as license expirations, usage statistics, and real-time visibility into licensing activities, to easily manage all of their deployed licenses. Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition also supports business cloud services including Box, Dropbox for Business and OneDrive® Business.

Features - Parallels Desktop 11
- Always on Cortana enables customers to use Microsoft’s virtual assistant with Mac applications, even when Windows 10 is not the forefront application
- Travel Mode extends the battery life by up to 25 percent by temporarily shutting off select resources that drain power
- Quick Look for Windows extends this cool Mac convenience to Windows documents and files
- New Force Touch gesture support enables a quick preview of files with Quick Look or the ability to look up the definition of an unknown word
- Improved Mac Window Controls include a new Coherence mode button
- Most recently used files list now can be viewed on the Mac regardless of where those files are stored: on the Mac, in a virtual machine, in the cloud or on a file server
- New easy printing with all Mac printer options support saves time with an intuitive solution for OS X users
- "New Item" support for creation of new files in Windows apps including Microsoft Outlook®, Excel® and Word
- Now users can easily cancel time-consuming virtual machine actions
- Mac location services are now available to Windows applications
- Automatic synchronization of the volume setting of a virtual machine with that of the Mac
- Enhanced file associations with smart notification messaging helps change file association in OS X
- Improvements in the setup and use of a virtual machine to directly access a Boot Camp®Windows partition--without rebooting
- Improved Japanese keyboard--specific to the Japanese language edition only

Parallels Desktop 11 Pro Edition
- Integration with key developer tools, such as Docker, Visual Studio (plug-in), Chef and Jenkins
- Support for Vagrant and other developer tools
- Additional user profiles for developers, power users and testers for optimal configuration for their particular scenarios
- Advanced networking tools and configuration for virtual networks to test complex networking scenarios, including the ability to simulate some network instabilities
- Cloud storage access through Box.net, Dropbox for Business and OneDrive Business, for sharing from Windows to Mac
- Headless mode for running virtual machines in the background without user interface
- Ability to create linked clones to conserve disk space and optimize installations
- Enhanced memory (64 GB RAM) and processing power (16 vCPU) for improved performance
- Nested virtualization for Linux guests
- Modern.IE test environments in the Parallels New Virtual Machine Wizard provide access to free trials of browsers for testing

Features - Parallels Desktop 11 Business Edition
All of the features of the Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac Pro Edition, as well as the following key additions:
- Centralized administration and management capabilities to keep IT in control of virtual machines
- Web-based Parallels License Management Portal with a single activation key to eliminate manual management of individual license keys
- Business-level support, including prioritized 24/7 phone and email support options
- USB devices policy enforcement for additional security

New in version

This update for Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac 11.2.0 (32851) addresses overall stability and performance issues, brings new features for Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition, introduces new downloadable free systems from the New Virtual Machine Wizard, and includes the fixes listed below.
New Developer Settings pane in virtual machine configuration, with the following features:
Manage automatic Parallels Tools update in virtual machines
Use a Linux virtual machine name as the Guest OS hostname
Sync SSH public keys from Mac with Linux virtual machines to make an SSH connection without entering a password.
New free downloadable appliances in New Virtual Machine Wizard:
Windows 10 Development Environment by Microsoft.
Resolves an issue with resizing a file system when increasing a virtual hard disk size
Resolves an issue with interruptions when downloading free systems from the New Virtual Machine Wizard
Resolves an issue with detecting a CD/DVD installation media as USB when installing a new virtual machine
Resolves an issue with a virtual machine crashing when adding a new printer to Mac
Resolves an issue with a virtual machine not starting if Rollback mode is set to discard changes
Resolves an issue with switching to Coherence mode on Ubuntu 15.10 virtual machines
Resolves an issue with an error message when reassigning a USB device from Mac to a virtual machine
Resolves an issue with an error message about some of the required kernel modules are missing in Linux virtual machines
Resolves an issue with compressing some types of DNS records in Shared Network, which led to the inability to resolve some names with some types of DNS-servers
Resolves an issue with some domain-specific DNS-servers when domain-names begin with a space in the SystemConfiguration

Requries OS X 10.7.5 or later

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Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition | 359.36 MB

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