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BetterZip 3.1.1 Build 918 Multilingual MacOSX


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BetterZip 3.1.1 Build 918 Multilingual MacOSX


The next generation of archiving. BetterZip is a fully-featured and user-friendly Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to compress files and folders, edit existing archives, preview their content and password protect sensitive data.

Create and Update
- BetterZip can create archives with these formats: ZIP, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TXZ (new), 7-ZIP, and — using the external commandline utility — RAR.
- The new Direct Mode lets you add files to archives without additional steps like saving. This is especially useful for large archives. You can also directly delete files from archives, rename files inside an archive, and move them around – all without recompressing.
- Compatibility: Have BetterZip remove Mac specific files from archives for archives that look and behave well on Windows.
- Edit archived files in an external application and BetterZip can update your archive.

Open and Extract
- BetterZip can currently open and extract over 30 archive formats including: ZIP, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TXZ (new), 7-ZIP, RAR, Apple Disk Images (DMG), TNEF (winmail.dat), ARJ, LHA, LZH, ISO, CHM, CAB, CPIO/CPGZ, DEB, RPM, StuffIt's SIT, BinHex, MacBinary, ePub, JAR/WAR/EAR/SAR/PAR/WSR Java archives, CBZ/CBR e-books, GZip, BZip2, WIM.
- BetterZip can also join split files with enumerated file extensions 001, 002, ...
- New: Open and extract winmail.dat files.
- New: Open, extract, and quick look Apple disk images (dmg files).
- New: Open, extract, and modify ePub files. BetterZip is not a replacement for a real ePub editor, but since ePub files are really just special zip files, why not use BetterZip to peek into or even modify them.

Preview or Quick Look files inside your archives without extracting first.

Protect your data with strong AES-256 encryption. Never email sensitive files unencrypted or upload them to cloud services without protection.

Password Manager and Password Generator
BetterZip can collect a list of archive passwords in your keychain and use them automatically whenever you open an encrypted archive.
New: BetterZip 3 features a password generator similar to Safari's. Let BetterZip suggest strong passwords whenever needed.

BetterZip allows you to create presets for creating and extracting archives. Presets collect all settings that can be applied to an archive, from the destination folder and archive format, to passwords and even a script to execute after the operation completed.

BetterZip can filter out unwanted files during archive extraction. No more Thumbs.db and other unwanted stuff from other systems! It can also prevent files from being put into your archive in the first place. You don't want your hidden version control folders or backup files in the archive.

Extensive AppleScript Support
New: BetterZip 3 can be scripted using AppleScript. Integrate it in your workflows.

Archive Comments
New: Display, add, and update archive comments for zip and rar formats. BetterZip can also display the file comments that may be present in zip files.

BetterZip offers two configurable services, one for creating and one for extracting archives. Choose a preset for each which can be started through the Services menu and even be given a shortcut key.

Test archives
- Quickly test an archive without extracting it to find out whether it is damaged.
- New: Test archives using the operations queue.

Integrated QL Generator
New: The widely used BetterZip Quick Look Generator is now integrated into BetterZip. Using the QL generator is still free for all, but there is one neat new feature that requires a BetterZip license (after the trial expired): The new QL generator lets you click a file in the archive. At this point it will hand command over to BetterZip which extracts and displays the clicked file. It's really nice, if I say so myself.

What's New in Version 3.1.1:

Bug Fixes:
• Zip and 7z archives would extract with the current daylight saving time setting instead of the setting on the file date
• Saving as a multi-volume archive showed an error message on reloading after the save, although no errors occurred
• The "create individual archives" setting now affects the "Compress with BetterZip" service
• When using the password manager with the setting "Always try passwords", rar archives with header encryption lead to an error
• Added a few missing Chinese strings

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.9 or later .

BetterZip 3.1.1 Build 918 Multilingual MacOSX | 10.34 MB

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