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John Dickson Carr - Gideon Fell Mysteries ( BBC Radio 4 )


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John Dickson Carr - Gideon Fell Mysteries ( BBC Radio 4 )

by John Dickson Carr

Three People witness a murder, yet none of them can agree about what they have seen.

by John Dickson Carr

There is only one clue to a brutal killing on an ocean liner - the engraving on the murder weapon.

The Hollow man
by John Dickson Carr

'Two murders were commited, in such fashion that the murderer must not only have been invisible, but lighter than air.

01: Into Thin Air.
Dr Fell becomes embroiled with a mystery involving a locked room when an illusionist threatens an eminent professor.

02: The Second Bullet.
Dr Fell unravels the true history of the three coffins.

The House in Gallows Lane
by John Dickson Carr

In the peaceful English countryside of 1936, a fortune-teller turns the village fête upside-down with his canny crystal-ball readings and, more alarmingly, warns a young man that his fiancée is a serial poisoner who has already disposed of three husbands.

01: The Fortune Teller.
The peaceful English countryside of 1936 is disrupted by a mysterious death.
02: The Point of a Pin.
An imposter has been unveiled - and discovered dead in a locked room.

by John Dickson Carr

When a young journalist is found murdered at Traitor's Gate in thirties fog-bound London, there is a crossbow through his heart and a top hat on his head.

by John Dickson Carr

1: The Riddle of the Stone.
London 1937: a murder takes place at a grand hotel. But the police know it's not the first of its kind.
2: The Secret of the Stone.
A strange bracelet and some silver buttons hold the clue to the murderer.

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