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Windows 10 upgrades will cost $119 after July 29


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May 5, 2016


Microsoft also says Windows 10 is now on 300 million devices.


If you've been dragging your heels on upgrading to Windows 10, now is the time to take action. Free upgrades to the new OS from previous versions of Windows will end on July 29, Microsoft reiterated today. The company initially said the offer would only last one year, and indeed that date marks Windows 10's first anniversary. After July 29, you'll have to shell out $119 to upgrade to Windows 10 Home (or to put it on a new device).


After Windows 8 failed to entice developers and consumers, the company needed to do something drastic. And it seems to have paid off: Microsoft says Windows 10 is now running on 300 million devices around the world (that's up from 200 million in January). Among other notable stats, people have spent over 63 billion minutes in the Edge browser just in March.




Decisions, decisions…


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