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D. K. Holmberg - Changed by Fire


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D. K. Holmberg - Changed by Fire
Narrated by: Nicholas Techosky
Series: The Cloud Warrior Saga, Book 3

The archivists are defeated, but their plan was already set in place. A new lisincend has emerged, more dangerous than before. Incendin still possesses the powerful artifact. And a spirit shaping placed on the king must be released. Tan has potential to be a warrior shaper - one who can shape all the elements - but shaping doesn't work for him the same as with other shapers. While he struggles to control his new magic, his friends work to free the king from the spirit shaping. When this fails, a search for another who can help leads Tan to use an uncontrolled shaping, changing him into the one thing he fears the most. Before he can save the kingdoms, he must save himself. Doing so takes him away from everyone - and everything - he knows. With his both friends and the draasin in danger, can Tan master his abilities in time to stop a decades-old plan?

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