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Raspberry PI 2: 12 Ultimate Lessons To Learn the Basics of Raspberry PI 2


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Raspberry PI 2: 12 Ultimate Lessons To Learn the Basics of Raspberry PI 2
2016 | EPUB | 33 pages | ISBN: 1523895101 | English | 0.2 MB

If you havent yet used the Raspberry Pi, but youre considering purchasing one, then you should absolutely purchase this user guide to learn the basics of Raspberry Pi 2! Theres so much to explore after you have learned the basics. Youll be able to create remote controlled cars, fun robots, video game emulators, and much more once you master the basics, since there really isnt a limit to the amount you can create and build with this amazing, low-cost computer.

Raspberry Pi 2: 12 Ultimate Lessons To Learn The Basics Of Raspberry Pi will show you how to install the Raspberry Pi operating system, what all you need to make sure that your Raspberry Pi runs properly, how to host your own website locally and publicly using the Raspberry Pi 2 so that you can save on monthly hosting fees, and how to access the Raspberry Pi 2 remotely in order to build fun projects! If youre ready to explore just how powerful the Raspberry Pi 2 is, you absolutely need this book.

Contents of the book:
Chapter 1 Basic Information On The Raspberry Pi 2
Chapter 2 Starting Your Raspberry Pi 2
Chapter 3 A Closer Look At Raspbian - The Basics
Chapter 4 Connecting With Your Raspberry Pi Remotely
Chapter 5 Hosting Your Own Website With Raspberry Pi 2


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