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Think Fast, Talk Smart


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Think Fast, Talk Smart
English | 2016 | ASIN: B01CF7VZWM | 59 pages | ePUB | 210 KB

Do you ever run out of things to say?

Do you ever have your mind go blank and suddenly you find yourself struggling to come up with something to say?
Do you ever have to deal with awkward silences that are embarrassing and annoying?
Do you feel like you dont really know how to keep a conversation going like most people do?

And does this lack of social skill leads to you not being confidence to enter new conversations with people? If you entered yes to these questions, then you are not alone.

Lets play a game of what if:

What if you always knew what to say next
What if you never have to face an awkward silence again
What if you have no more fear that your mind would go blank.

Do you think you will a lot more confident to start more conversations and meet more people?

The good news is that this book has the techniques that will allow you to always know what to say next!!


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