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The Year's Best Science Fiction: 21st Annual Collection


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The Year's Best Science Fiction: 21st Annual Collection
Read by Erin Jones

Summation: 2003 by Gardner Dozois
Off on a Starship by William Barton
It's All True by John Kessel
Rogue Farm by Charles Stross
The Ice by Steven Popkes
EJ-ES by Nancy Kress
The Bellman by John Varley
The Bear's Baby by Judith Moffett
Calling Your Name by Howard Waldrop
The Green Leopard Plague by Walter Jon Williams
Dead Worlds by Jack Skillingstead
King Dragon by Michael Swanwick
Singletons in Love by Paul Melko
Anomalous Structures of My Dreams by M. Shayne Bell
The Cookie Monster by Vernor Vinge
Joe Steele by Harry Turtledove
Birth Days by Geoff Ryman
Awake in the Night by John C. Wright
The Long Way Home by James Van Pelt
The Eyes of America by Geoffrey A. Landis
Welcome to Olympus, Mr. Hearst by Kage Baker
Night of Time by Robert Reed
Strong Medicine by William Shunn
Send Me a Mentagram by Dominic Green
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon by Paul Di Filippo
Flashmen by Terry Dowling
Dragonhead by Nicholas A. DiChario
Dear Abbey by Terry Bisson
Honorable Mentions: 2003 by Gardner Dozois

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