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Stephen Coonts - The Garden Of Eden (read by Scott Sowers)


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Stephen Coonts - The Garden Of Eden (read by Scott Sowers)




When banker Ed Harris comes home one Wednesday afternoon with a stomach-ache, he finds his wife, Anne, in bed with his best friend, Hayden Elkins. Ed loads his shotgun and orders Hayden to take Anne home with him. “But I already have a wife,” Hayden pleads. “Now you have two,” Ed declares, “and if I hear Anne isn't happy, this shotgun is going to go off.”


So begins the most unique tale Stephen Coonts has yet written, a story of love, understanding, forgiveness and redemption among the folks who populate the community of Eden, which is, as everyone knows, twelve miles south of Indian River in the shadow of the Blue Mountains and the Faraway Hills. You'll soon meet Hayden's wife, Matilda, whose world is about to come unglued, and son Billy Joe, a high school senior who is about to discover how badly one's parents can screw up their lives. Among others, you will also meet Junior Grimes, an affable giant who tries to help everyone he meets, his long-suffering girlfriend Diamond Ice, state Trooper Sam Neely, who falls in love with Diamond's sister, Crystal, novelist Richard Hudson, whom both the Ice sisters want to marry, Sheriff Arleigh Tate, who seems to know everyone's secrets, Judge Lester Storm, who is less interested in law enforcement than he is in the human condition, and the new minister of the Eden Chapel, Cecile Carcano, who came to Eden to get away from it all. Fat chance!


Steve's [ublisher agreed to publish this book, but decided putting his name on the cover might disappoint his thriller fans. Consequently he became Eve Adams. 


Although this book is hard to find today, except online, you wont be disappointed. Coonts' wry, sardonic sense of humor makes this book a literary treat. 


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