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Stephen Coonts - Liberty (read by Guerin Barry)


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Stephen Coonts - Liberty (read by Guerin Barry)




The master of the techno-thriller delivers yet again in the last of the hugely popular Jake Grafton series. In the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks, spymaster Janos Ilin delivers a chilling message to Jake Grafton: a rogue Russian general has sold four nuclear warheads to radical Islamic terrorist group the Sword of Islam, which intends to detonate them in America in the ultimate terror strike.Charged with finding the warheads before America is consumed by nuclear holocaust, Grafton soon finds himself up to his neck in power politics, techno-billionaires, money-grubbing traitors, anarchists and spies as he hunts for the terrorists, who, as he quickly discovers, don't all come from the Middle East. With the help of the indomitable Toad Tarkington and CIA burglar Tommy Carmellini, Grafton pulls out all the stops to prevent the apocalypse that will trigger a holy war between western civilization and the Muslim world, as the clock ticks toward Armageddon.


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