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Upgrading Portable Firefox v28.0 to latest

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Hello folks. I need some help in this because everytime I do an update to my portable firefox, I always seem to goof things up. What I need help with is the proper way to update my current Portable FF v28.0 to the latest. Also I want to make sure that all my extentions and Profile too is updated along with it. I can never seem to get this right and I always end up losing something in my updates. It becomes really cumbersome to have to search for my extentions and reset all my settings and bookmarks and etc all over again. I am using FEBE if that helps. If anyone can guide me in the proper direction/way of doing this, I would appreciate it. I just don't want to lose my Portable FF's profile.





OK, I just did the Update by going to Help/About in my Portable FF, seems all looks good. However, I am not liking it because it has now put ALL of my tabs at the TOP, just below the Menu's. Is there any way for me to put all my tabs back down BELOW the Address bar?

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Yes there is ... here's what I do when I upgrade to the latest Portable FF


I run the new FF, currently "FirefoxPortable_41.0.1_English.paf.exe" which asks where to extract and save the program.

When that is done, and before running it, I go to my OLD FF\Data\profile\ directory and there I copy the

bookmarkbackups dir + extensions dir and the extensions.ini file into my NEW FF\Data\profile directory.


The extensions directory is where your add-ons are installed.

The only thing you'll have to do when you start the new FF for the 1st time is to grant access to the "so called" new add-ons.


A good add-on to have all features back from the early FF versions (Tabs wherever you want them)  is Classic Theme Restorer ... I can't without it!

Also Downloads Window is an add-on I can recommend as it restores the old DL window instead of the bookmarks menu window.


Hope this helps.


Cheers, :wink:


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