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Stop the Windows 10 upgrade in Win7


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M$ want to take over the world by forcing 10 on users, they already say 10 will be the last of windows and that they will continue by updating it rather than replacing it.


Those on an os that can get the free upgrade will be getting shite from m$ via the updates.. These updates make your system ready for them to download 10,  you know you have them when the please say yes logo appears in the task bar.


If m$ were asking if users wanted 10 then fair one but they aint they are loading it in the backround and pushing it on users.


This is a list of the updates that have been released that are linked to 10 and are shown not to fck up your system if you remove them.




Remove - control panel/ progs & features/ top left installed updates.


Put KB number in search box, if it shows up right click and delete.


Go through the list and then restart.


Update setting on let me choose.

Go to update, m$ will try to down the deleted ones, go through the list, when you find one, right click and click hide


Job should be done


This is a list of updates not to install, delete if you have then hiden on update


 Updates not to Install


 KB2952664 x2  there can be 2 of these
 KB3022345 Replaced by KB3068708 


have a good one



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These are my settings:


I've never ever allowed an update and (so far) never had a problem!

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1 hour ago, Icey said:



:o Maybe, but I only do an update when there's a new SP.


And whatever people may think, it's impossible that I was so lucky in almost 3 decades that I'm on the net, first with modems, then with routers.

Thing is, one needs to have a good router and control over its ports.


I also block (remove) the updater (exe+ini) files in Firefox.

They updated FF 2x although my settings were set to not allow updates.


Cheers, :wink:



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Sorry to be a dummy, and I might have missed some things posted on this site, but ...

will MS force Windows 10 on people who are using an older version, by using the updates that they install periodically?

if so, when will this occur?

Intuitively, I think that if MS did this, there would be a big consumer revolt and that MS would be shooting themselves in the foot, big time.

Are there some links on andr.net that give some background on this?

I'm not at all tech-savvy in this area.

I'm now using Windows 7, BTW.

Thank you,


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6 hours ago, keith said:

1. will MS force Windows 10 on people who are using an older version, by using the updates that they install periodically?

2. if so, when will this occur?

3. I'm now using Windows 7, BTW.

4. Thank you,

1. If they dare to do that, I'm moving to the moon, start using an old Amiga PC and program something to bombard them with.

2. No idea.

3. IMHO, together with WinXP the best OS MS ever had ... me too I'm on Win7.

4. You're welcome, b1234. :wink:

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