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Quick Search using Firefox Address Bar


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Search using keywords in Firefox


Read here first:





We can use this trick to search specific sections in Andr.


How to search applications in Warez section:

-Go to search form - http://forum-andr.net/index.php?app=core&module=search&search_in=forums

-Under Match, select Only search in titles.

-Under Find in Forum, select Warez section.

-Leave everything else as it is.

-Now, right-click inside Find Words box and select Add a Keyword from the context menu.

-Define a keyword for this search e.g. aw and save the bookmark.

-That's it. It's done.


Executing the search:

In your Firefox address bar, type aw winrar and hit enter.

You will get all results in Warez section for winrar appearing in topic title.


Similarly, configure other sections using keywords to your liking.


All credit goes to ARGONAUT from our last residence.

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