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Muse - The 2nd Law (2012)


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Muse - The 2nd Law (2012)



Flash back for a moment to the year 2009 – Muse was wrapping up their then-latest creation The Resistance which illustrated to the world that they have got the steam in them that keeps their music and style going. In just three short years later, Muse has proved that they have still got that same energy and are pushing new boundaries. This British alternative rock trio has brought to the United States their most contemporary addition to their discography, The 2nd Law

The 2nd Law is a reference to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which states that remaining energy in an isolated system constantly decreases, and as long as new energy does not leave or enter the system, its entropy increases. Therefore, the unused energy in the system is either wasted or not used, and it is all that remains. This of course is deeply metaphorical for Muse’s musical direction and style that they decided to go with on The 2nd Law, which is to push boundaries and start touching the realm of dubstep. Matt Bellamy’s voice is still strong and is prominent throughout the album despite the fact that the music feels much different than it did on The Resistance as well as other Muse albums. The textures of The 2nd Law are much more up front than before, including brass elements and choir “aahs”. The new and different sound of Muse pulls the album together in a way that nobody was expecting.

The most interesting aspect of The 2nd Law is not its pacing; each song is in alignment of tempo, and there isn’t a song that sounds out of place. Instead, it is how Muse can pull off sounding Britpop-ish on one song and then on the next song sound theatrical and epic. Somehow, this makes the album seem much more grand and satisfying. The album boasts of catchy and fun songs (“Panic Station”) to stadium rock (“Survival”), and somewhere a mix of the two (“Liquid State”). Don’t forget the ‘muh-muh-muh-muh-mad, mad mad muh-muh-muh-muh-mad, mad mad’ from the track “Madness”. Either way, it is still new and at first listen it is like opening a nice Christmas present all wrapped together in a bow.

Muse takes their fans and audiences higher in The 2nd Law. The controversy here is the second-to-last song, “The 2nd Law – Unsustainable”. The song begins with a fast-paced string and choir accompaniment while the 2nd law of thermodynamics is recited. And then, out of nowhere, the beat drops and we hear something from Muse that we have never heard before; a dubstep beat with straight up noise. Everything breaks out in chaos, and the song ends abruptly. Some fans of Muse haven’t fully accepted the song because of its dubstep influence. The album is what it is, and to be honest, the song isn’t even that bad. In addition, some fans consider the body of the album to be weaker, containing mainly ‘filler’ tracks that don’t add to the album. Instead, it is a step back from epic extremes and makes the album so much more enjoyable, and the songs add to the atmosphere that the album gives to the listener.

Endearing, encouraging and powerful – these are the three words that describe best The 2nd Law. The album begins strongly, gives the listener an experience to reflect upon. As the album draws its conclusion (and as the voice echoes “isolated… isolated… isolated…”) the album ends with a whisper. The final sounds of the album resonate in your head like the sound of white noise coming from a CRT television set when your favorite program goes off the air. Then, the TV turns off. The impact of The 2nd Law is much greater than the preceding albums from Muse. Its economical side to the lyrics have a pompous connotation, but at the same time, it makes the album much more enjoyable – the album has a dark reverberation which makes it much more exciting than any other album released this year. The album as a whole is an acceptable compilation and a worthy addition to Muse’s discography. Any Muse fan will automatically love it at first listen. For those who want to discover Muse or alternative music in general should give The 2nd Law a listen. They are back to bring more mesmerizing and exciting music to indulge in, so sit back and enjoy; there’s plenty more where it came from.


01. Supremacy (04:55)

02. Madness (04:40)

03. Panic Station (03:04)

04. Prelude (00:58)

05. Survival (04:18)

06. Follow Me (03:51)

07. Animals (04:23)

08. Explorers (05:47)

09. Big Freeze (04:40)

10. Save Me (05:09)

11. Liquid State (03:03)

12. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable (03:48)

13. Isolated System (05:00)

Total Playtime: 53:36

| Genre: Alternative Rock | Label: Warner Bros | MP3 320kbps (CBR) | Scans | 127.49 MB |


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