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Kill TeamViewer sponsored session notification


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If you're using TeamViewer for remote accessing your computers you face this ugly nag every time your session exceeds 60 seconds.




So with the help of VB scripting, we can close this window automatically. You can create some file called teamviewer_kill.vbs with given code or download it from the links.


The idea is simple:

  1. Loop infinitely every one second to find the target window.
  2. If it is there send TAB-TAB-ENTER (this will lead to OK button). Sending Alt+F4 is not working. You must click OK button.
  • You can change the interval by changing "WScript.Sleep 1000" to whatever you like (only change 1000 to any number - it's in milliseconds).
  • If you put it under your Startup folder, it will run every time you log in.
  • If you're using a localized version, change "Sponsored session" text to match your window title. You must keep quotation marks!



'DrAww AliEn (c) 2014
'Find TeamViewer sponsored session window and click OK

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

ret = objShell.AppActivate("Sponsored session")
If ret = True Then
objShell.SendKeys "{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}"
End If
WScript.Sleep 1000



Hope you find it useful ;)



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Tested ... nice script which does the job!

This comes in handy because I am using TV almost every single day to help a few friends. :)


Thanks much bro.

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