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Router Problems

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A couple weeks ago lightning killed my router, modem and Ooma voip. Fortunately I had another of all three.

However, the Cisco Linksys WRT54G2V1 is a problem. It was given to me by a friend when she changed ISP to uVerse. The problem is she does not remember the password number nor does she still have the setup CD. She knows less about computer stuff than I. Her son installed it for her. She told me what may have been used as the password. I connected it and it seems to work fine but I have 3 computers and I had trouble logging on without a password. Tried her suggested password and it did not work, the message I got said I could use the button on the router instead and it showed a picture of the router for the location of the button. Well, it looked as if it was on the back on the right and even though I felt it was wrong, I pressed it with a pen, it was the reset button. It did away with the ability to use the logon button, which I later found on the top of the router.

So I now have a router which appears to be working fine, lights flashing and all but have no idea how it is configured. I tried to access the web based utility and it will not let me.

Is there any software or hack that I can use to access the configuration utility? I see used ones for sale on ebay so there must be a way to do this. The manual says you may not be able to access the utility if the address has changed.

I read that the reject button returns the router to the default settings. That will be fine but think setting the firewall and security stuff has to be done through the utility.

Please advise.


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Download the Setup Wizard


Go here:

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Select you router version and download the Setup Wizard


Reset the router to defaults


The router can be set to factory default by pressing the Reset button of the router and resetting through the router’s web-based setup page.


Pressing the Reset button on the back of the router for 30 seconds will reset your router to its factory default settings.


Any settings on the router will be erased and the router’s IP address will become “,†the username is still blank, and the password will be “admin.â€


Sign in and reconfigure the router following the reset.


Connect a PC to an Ethernet port on the router.


Open a Web browser and navigate to

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A window will open, asking you to sign in.


Leave the username field blank and type admin for the password.


Navigate to the Wireless Settings tab after you have signed in and set a new administrator password.


For better security, choose a password comprised of random letters and numbers. This makes it a password that is harder to guess. Write down this password and save it in a safe place for future reference.


Enable WPA2-PSK as your encryption, you must create a Pre-Shared Key.


You are likely to set an uncomplicated Pre-Shared Key because you know that you will have to enter this password on every Wi-Fi device you want to connect to your wireless network.


You may also have elected to keep your password simple so that if a friend comes over and wants to hop on your wireless connection you can tell him or her a password that is easy to type in.


Although setting an easy to remember password makes life a lot more convenient, it also makes for an easier password for the bad people to crack as well.


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I had tried for many days to access the web based utility so I could see/change the password.  I finally was able to do by by using  That 5 made a major difference.  I got into the utility and viewed the configurations.  I made 2 minor changes but was unable to change the password.  Suppose I will have to again press the reject button.  Hate to change most of the info but suppose it is necessary to change the password.   I have ordered a new router and I may wait until I receive it in a few days to be sure that that I have a  router that will work.





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Are have to use this - the reset button (see pic) and it will reset your router to its factory default settings.


Locate the Reset button at the back or bottom of your router. Using a pen or a paper clip, press and hold the Reset button for 30 seconds.


Make sure you depress the button. You'll know if you have applied enough pressure if you feel a little ‘click’ upon using a pen or paperclip.




Observe the Power LED on the router while pressing the button. It should blink or flash as an indication that the router is properly resetting. Unplug the router from the power outlet for 30 seconds. Plug it back and wait for the Power LED to be solid.

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