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THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD is sh*t...That's right, sh*t! You can smoke sh*t, get sh*t faced, buy sh*t, sell sh*t, lose sh*t, find sh*t, tell people to go and sh*t, forget sh*t, Some people know their sh*t and some have sh*t for brains, There's lucky shits, dumb shits & crazy sh*t, there's bull sh*t, horse sh*t, chicken sh*t, deep sh*t, the wrong sh*t, the right sh*t & not enough sh*t, weird sh*t, scary sh*t, up sh*t creek without a paddle & sometimes everything you touch turns to sh*t. You could pass this along if you give a sh*t.... or not if you don't give a sh*t. Hope you have a sh*t free day but remember........ sh*t Happens!!!.....

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