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10 Differences Between Secretaries and Administrative Professionals


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10 Differences Between Secretaries and Administrative Professionals

  1. Secretaries make coffee; Administrative Professionals procure international resources to motivate and empower staff.
  2. Secretaries take memos; Administrative Professionals expedite inter-office communication.
  3. Secretaries type letters; Administrative Professionals facilitate company communication with national and international clients.
  4. Secretaries file; Administrative Professionals manage and organize data for efficient retrieval of corporate records.
  5. Secretaries unjam the copy machines; Administrative Professionals maintain high-tech equipment vital to day-to-day operations.
  6. Secretaries answer the phone; Administrative Professionals manage communication between staff and customers.
  7. Secretaries listen to office gossip and complaints; Administrative Professionals act as corporate arbitrators and manage conflict between administrators and staff.
  8. Secretaries order office supplies; Administrative Professionals manage inventory of critical corporate resources.
  9. Secretaries buy gifts when boss realizes he or she has forgotten spouse’s birthday or anniversary; Administrative Professionals facilitate crisis management at the executive level.
  10. Secretaries get little respect in the corporate environment; Administrative Professionals get just a bit more.
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