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Member Preferences (Themes)

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What was I surprised when I saw our members' preferences for Themes!
I always thought the IPS Default was by far the preference of our members, but it's not true!

At the top is, and always was, the IPS Default Theme, but it feels the Twilight Theme closely in it's neck (LOL), which proves, being a dark theme, that it is liked by many members as it is very soft to the eyes.

On the third place is Forum-Andr.net Theme, which is also a softer Theme than IPS Default.

Now I firmly believe that, if all members would test themes one by one, the IPS Default would no longer be at the top.

  1. IPS Default - 24,6%
  2. Twilight - 22.8%
  3. Forum-Andr.net - 17.5%
  4. Bravo 6 - 10.5%
  5. BlueBoh and Ivy League - 7%



My preferences are:

  1. Forum-Andr.net
  2. Ivy League
  3. Twilight

What is/are yours?

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