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Sap Fico (Finance & Controlling ) Simplified For Beginners


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Sap Fico (Finance & Controlling ) Simplified For Beginners
Last updated 6/2022
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SAP FI CO Comprehensive Training for Beginners /SAP Financial Accounting End-Users to become SAP Consultant ,sap finance

What you'll learn
Complete Practice Notes provided for practice in system.
After Completing this course, you will become SAP FICO Consultant with understanding of logic behind configuration
Learn Complete Configuration of SAP FICO & End-User Activities step by step with Proper Notes
Get hands-on experience of SAP FICO- Complete General Ledger Accounting
Get hands-on experience of SAP FICO- Complete Accounts Payable Accounting
Get hands-on experience of SAP FICO- Complete Accounts Receivable Accounting
Get hands-on experience of SAP FICO- Complete Asset Accounting
Get hands-on experience of SAP FICO- Bank Accounting -House Bank
Get hands-on experience of SAP FICO- Intercompany Postings and Configuration
Get hands-on experience of SAP Material Management (MM) Integration with Finance
Get hands-on experience of SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) Integration with Finance
Learn Complete Year End Activities in SAP For Finance Module
Learn Data Migration Tool -LSWM
Get Hands-on Experience of using SAP Query - User Specific as well as Global
Get Hands-on experience of SAP Validation and Substitution
Learn How to Transport Request will be moved in real-time
Understand How ABAP User-Exit will be implemented ( live implementation done in this course)
Get hands-on experience of different payment method available in SAP ( Practically shown many scenarios)
Get hands-on of Complete Tax on Sales & Purchase Configuration & Testing
Basic Accounting Knowledge required

Dear Students,Complete Notes available for reference.please check lecture-17 of section-2 for notes.This course is designed in such a way that any beginners or freshers from any different domain can learn SAP FICO Configuration, Implementation and End-User Activities to crack any sap fico interview.If you observe many faculties are putting more stress on explaining "how to do the configuration" but when you go for interview, the interviewer will asks you about "why to do" i.e. logic behind configuration.In this Course both are covered "how to do" and "why to do" To explore further ,please check preview videos.Who this course is for:Anyone who wants to learn SAP FICO configuration ,End-user Activities, implementation in detailSAP Users who want to extend their knowledge to configure to become SAP FICOAny ERP Consultants who want to learn SAP FICO configuration and implementationSAP FICO ECC Notes Attached to Section-2 Videos Resources .SAP S/4 HANA Notes Attached to Section-19 Video Resource.This Course is designed to become Successful SAP FICO Consultant with practical understanding of All Typical Business Process in SAP FICOComplete Configuration Notes will be Provided for your reference. SAP FI stands for Financial Accounting and it is one of important modules of SAP ERP. It is used to store the financial data of an organization. SAP FI helps to analyze the financial conditions of a company in the market. It can integrate with other SAP modules like SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP SCM, etc.SAP Controlling (CO) is another important SAP module offered to an organization. It supports coordination, monitoring, and optimization of all the processes in an organization. SAP CO includes managing and configuring master data that covers cost and profit centers, internal orders, and other cost elements and functional areas.This tutorial will be extremely useful for professionals who aspire to learn the ropes of SAP FICO and implement it in practice. It is especially going to help consultants who are mainly responsible for implementing Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting with SAP ERP Financials.** Disclaimer ** SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries. I am NOT associated with SAP.SAP software and SAP GUI are proprietary SAP software. Neither Udemy nor me are authorized to provide SAP Access.


Section 1: SAP_FICO_Basic Configuration

Lecture 1 SAP Implementation Project Overview

Lecture 2 Understanding SAP LOGON Basics and Tricks

Lecture 3 SAP GUI Installation

Lecture 4 SAP Modules Overview

Lecture 5 Understanding Enterprise Structure

Lecture 6 Enterprise Structure Configuration

Lecture 7 Fiscal Year Variant Concept & Configuration

Lecture 8 Chart of Accounts Concept & Configuration -Operational, Group,Country Specifig

Lecture 9 Posting Period Variant Concept & Configuration

Lecture 10 Document Type & Number Ranges Concept & Configuration

Lecture 11 Field Status Variant Concept & Configuration

Lecture 12 Tolerance Groups Concept & Configuration

Lecture 13 Global Parameter ,Document Splitting & Other Required Config

Lecture 14 Controlling Area Configuration

Lecture 15 FAQ: Currency Issue in CO Area Clarified

Lecture 16 FAQ: Controlling Area Numbers

Section 2: Download Notes

Lecture 17 How to Download Notes for Printing

Section 3: General Ledger Accounting in detail

Lecture 18 Introduction

Lecture 19 Create G/L Master Data

Lecture 20 Create G/L Master Data Continuation-Other Topics

Lecture 21 Group & Country Specific Chart of Accounts Config & Testing

Lecture 22 G/L Account Group Importance

Lecture 23 Delete G/L A/c Concept and Testing

Lecture 24 Real Time Issue

Lecture 25 Real Time Issue Solution

Lecture 26 Understanding Key Field in JV Posting & Posting 1st JV

Lecture 27 Analysis of Posted Document

Lecture 28 Concept & Testing Blocked For Posting

Lecture 29 Testing Open & Close Posting Periods in Detail

Lecture 30 Document Change Rules -Concept & Testing

Lecture 31 Attaching Documents,URL,Notes

Lecture 32 Testing Field Status Variant

Lecture 33 Fast Data Entry- Design Template, Testing

Lecture 34 Texts for Line Items

Lecture 35 Real Time Requirement 1

Lecture 36 Cross Company Code Concept

Lecture 37 Cross Company Code Configuration & Testing

Lecture 38 Display Document

Lecture 39 G/L Reports Understanding

Lecture 40 Creating User & Global Layout

Lecture 41 Real Time issue

Lecture 42 Real Time issue Solution

Lecture 43 Hold Document Concept & Testing

Lecture 44 Sample Document Concept , Configuration & Testing

Lecture 45 Recurring Document Concept, Configuration and Testing

Lecture 46 Concept of Month End Provisions

Lecture 47 Accrual /Deferral Document Configuration & Testing

Lecture 48 Open Item Management - Full Clearing Testing

Lecture 49 Open Item Management - Partial Clearing Testing

Lecture 50 Open Item Management - Residual Clearing

Lecture 51 Clearing Differences Concept, Configuration & Testing

Lecture 52 Clearing Difference Posting - Manually

Lecture 53 Document Reversals- Individual,Mass , Cleared items ,Cross Company

Lecture 54 Negative Postings - Concept , Configuration & Testing

Lecture 55 Foreign Currency -Rate Types & Quotation Method Concept

Lecture 56 Foreign Currency Transactions Configuration & Testing

Lecture 57 Enjoy Transactions

Lecture 58 Interest Calculation Concept

Lecture 59 Interest Calculation - Compound Interest Configuration & Testing

Lecture 60 Interest Calculation -Real Time Requirement

Lecture 61 Simple Interest Calculation -Concept,Configuration, Testing

Section 4: Tax on Sales & Purchases

Lecture 62 Taxes Concept Class

Lecture 63 Tax Configuration & Testing

Lecture 64 Testing Continue...

Section 5: Accounts Payable

Lecture 65 Accounts Payable Concept

Lecture 66 Vendor Master Record

Lecture 67 Accounts Payable Configuration

Lecture 68 Master Data Creation & Understanding Change, History, Block

Lecture 69 Testing Vendor Master Deletion

Lecture 70 Testing Vendor Master Field Status

Lecture 71 Testing Full Clearing Scenario

Lecture 72 Testing Partial Clearing

Lecture 73 Testing Residual Clearing

Lecture 74 Testing Manual Clearing

Lecture 75 One Time Vendor Concept & Testing

Lecture 76 Custom Sort Key Configuration & Testing

Lecture 77 Alternative Reconciliation Account -Configuration & Testing

Lecture 78 Dual Control Functionality Concept

Lecture 79 Dual Control Functionality -Configuration & Testing

Lecture 80 Payment Terms Concept

Lecture 81 Configuration & Testing of Payment Terms

Lecture 82 Cash Discount Concept

Lecture 83 Cash Discount Testing

Lecture 84 Fixed Installment Config & Testing

Lecture 85 Flexible Installment - Amount Split Config & Testing

Lecture 86 Day Limit Config & Testing

Lecture 87 Fixed Baseline Date Config & Testing

Lecture 88 Down Payment Business Process Flow

Lecture 89 Noted Item Business Process Flow

Lecture 90 Vendor Account Statement Correspondance

Lecture 91 Vendor Account Statement Sending Through Email

Lecture 92 Vendor Credit Memo

Section 6: House Bank_Automatic Payment Program(APP)

Lecture 93 House Bank -Concept

Lecture 94 Vendor Payment with Check Process Flow

Lecture 95 Vendor Payment-Issued Check Cancellation Process

Lecture 96 Automatic Payment Program (APP) Concept

Lecture 97 Automatic Payment Program (APP) Configuration

Lecture 98 APP -Scenario_01

Lecture 99 APP -Scenario_02

Lecture 100 APP -Scenario_03

Lecture 101 APP -Scenario_04

Lecture 102 APP -Scenario_05

Lecture 103 APP -Scenario_06

Lecture 104 APP -Scenario_07

Lecture 105 APP -Scenario_08

Lecture 106 APP -Scenario_09

Lecture 107 APP -Scenario_10

Lecture 108 APP -Scenario_11

Lecture 109 APP -Scenario_12- Cross Company Code APP

Lecture 110 APP -Scenario_13- DME

Lecture 111 APP -Scenario_14- Payment Advice Automation

Section 7: Accounts Receivable

Lecture 112 FI-AR -Introduction

Lecture 113 Basic Configuration

Lecture 114 Master Data Creation

Lecture 115 Testing Full Clearing Scenario

Lecture 116 Testing Partial Clearing Scenario

Lecture 117 Testing Manual Clearing Scenario

Lecture 118 Testing Residual Clearing Scenario

Lecture 119 Payment Differences -Reason Code

Lecture 120 Customer as a Vendor Process Flow

Lecture 121 Customer as a Vendor Process Flow-Continued

Section 8: lockbox Configuration and Process Flow

Lecture 122 Lockbox Concept

Lecture 123 Lockbox Configuration

Lecture 124 Lockbox File Format

Lecture 125 Lockbox_Testing_01

Lecture 126 Lockbox_Testing_02

Section 9: Electronic Bank Statement -BAI2

Lecture 127 BAI2_Concept

Lecture 128 BAI2_Configuratin_01

Lecture 129 BAI2_Configuratin_02

Lecture 130 BAI2_File_Format

Lecture 131 BAI2_File_Generation

Lecture 132 BAI2_Uploading_File

Section 10: Asset Accounting

Lecture 133 Introduction

Lecture 134 Basic Configuration

Lecture 135 GL Integration with Asset Accounting

Lecture 136 Depreciation Key Configuration

Lecture 137 Asset Master Creation

Lecture 138 Main Asset Procurement

Lecture 139 Posting Depreciation-SLM

Lecture 140 Sub-Asset Procurement and Depreciation Posting

Lecture 141 Posting Depreciation -WDV

Lecture 142 Sale of an Asset with Customer

Lecture 143 Sale of an Asset without Customer

Lecture 144 Scrapping of an Asset

Lecture 145 Asset Under Construction (AuC)- Concept

Lecture 146 Asset Under Construction (AuC)- Configuration

Lecture 147 Asset Under Construction (AuC)- Settlement

Lecture 148 Asset Procurement Through Purchase Order

Section 11: Withholding Tax /TDS

Lecture 149 Complete Business Process Flow Concept

Section 12: FI Integration with Material Management

Lecture 150 Introduction

Lecture 151 MM Configuration

Lecture 152 FI Configuration

Lecture 153 Master Data Creation for Testing

Lecture 154 Procure-To-Pay - Testing

Lecture 155 Procure To Pay- with Tax Testing 1

Lecture 156 Procure-To-Pay - with Tax Testing 2

Section 13: FI Integration with Sales & Distribution

Lecture 157 Introduction

Lecture 158 SD Configuration

Lecture 159 OBYC GL Integration

Lecture 160 VKOA GL integration

Lecture 161 Master Data Creation for Testing

Lecture 162 Testing

Lecture 163 Order To Cash (OTC) - Testing

Lecture 164 OTC -test 1

Lecture 165 OTC - test 2

Lecture 166 OTC - test 3

Lecture 167 OTC - test 4

Section 14: MM & SD Additional Concepts for FICO Consultant

Lecture 168 Sales Discount Configuration and Testing

Lecture 169 SD Output Tax VAT/GST -Configuration and Testing

Lecture 170 Purchase Price Variance (V) - Scenario 1

Lecture 171 Purchase Price Variance (V) - Scenario 2

Lecture 172 Purchase Price Variance (V) - Scenario 3

Lecture 173 Purchase Price Variance (S) - Scenario 1

Lecture 174 Purchase Price Variance (S) - Scenario 2

Lecture 175 Deductible Taxes- VAT/GST

Lecture 176 Non-Deductible Taxes - VAT/GST

Section 15: Year End Activities-Concept & Testing

Lecture 177 Year End Activities

Section 16: Validation in SAP

Lecture 178 Ref.Field Validation

Lecture 179 Posting Date Validation

Lecture 180 Business Area Validation with Sets

Section 17: Controlling Configuration (Management Accounting)

Lecture 181 Controlling Module Overview

Lecture 182 Controlling Area Configuration in detail

Lecture 183 Cost Element Categories

Lecture 184 Define Number Ranges for Co Documents

Lecture 185 Versions Importance in CO and Configuration

Section 18: Data Migration Using LSMW

Lecture 186 Introduction

Lecture 187 Understanding End-User Activities

Lecture 188 Understanding Consultant Activities

Lecture 189 Create Project & Record The Transaction

Lecture 190 Adding Missing fields in Destination Structure manually

Lecture 191 Designing Template for uploading

Lecture 192 Maintain Source Structure & Source Fields

Lecture 193 Maintain Structure Relations

Lecture 194 Maintain Field Mapping

Lecture 195 Specify Files

Lecture 196 Assign Files

Lecture 197 Upload Single File & Create Multiple batches

Lecture 198 Testing Foreground

Lecture 199 Testing display error only

Lecture 200 Testing Background

Lecture 201 Using Constant in mapping & Testing

Lecture 202 How to Debug LSMW

Lecture 203 Importing & Exporting LSMW

Section 19: SAP Query (Reports)- User & Global

Lecture 204 User Specific Query

Lecture 205 Global Query

Section 20: Transport Request -Concept & Testing

Lecture 206 TR Concept & Testing

Section 21: Enhancements in SAP

Lecture 207 Line item Report Issue and Solution

Section 22: Bonus Lectures- S4/HANA General Ledger Configuration & Testing

Lecture 208 FICO Module Overview

Lecture 209 System Landscape

Lecture 210 SAP GUI Overview

Lecture 211 SAP GUI Overview Continued

Lecture 212 Organization Structure

Lecture 213 Project Types

Lecture 214 Organization Configuration

Lecture 215 Fiscal Year Variant

Lecture 216 Posting Period Variant

Lecture 217 Field Status Variant

Lecture 218 Chart of Accounts

Lecture 219 Define Number Ranges

Lecture 220 Define Tolerance Group

Lecture 221 Global Settings for Company Code

Lecture 222 Currency Configuration

Lecture 223 Document Splitting Configuration

Lecture 224 Controlling Area Configuration

Lecture 225 Controlling Integration with Finance

Lecture 226 Consistency Check for Company Code

Lecture 227 Profit Center Configuration

Lecture 228 Create Profit Center from GUI

Lecture 229 Create Profit Center From FIORI

Lecture 230 Create Cost Center from GUI

Lecture 231 Create Cost Center From FIORI

Lecture 232 LTMC -Preparing Uploading Template

Lecture 233 LTMC Mass Uploading of Cost Centers

Lecture 234 Understanding Cost Element Categories

Lecture 235 Create General Ledger Accounts from GUI

Lecture 236 Delete GL Account

Lecture 237 Create GL Accounts from FIORI

Lecture 238 Create GL in Two Steps

Lecture 239 Posting First GL Document

Lecture 240 Document Header Text

Lecture 241 Field Status Group

Lecture 242 Posting Document from FIORI APP

Lecture 243 Mass Uploading of JV from FIORI APP

Lecture 244 User Profile

Lecture 245 Document Change Rules

Lecture 246 Line Item Text ID

SAP Consultants,SAP Superuser,G/L Accountant / Controller,AP Accountant,Asset Accountants,AR Accountant,Other Finance Users - Accounting Manger/Finance Manager/Controller,Commerce Graduates -Fresher,Anyone who is interested in the subject


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