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android browser, Dolphin

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hi all. i need some assistance please, if possible. hope i'm in the correct place to ask.

i have been using Dolphin browser on my Huawei Honor9 mobile phone for quite a while. now is the time to upgrade and i went for an Asus Zenfone 8. i have searched, i have tried different programs etc but so far have been unsuccessful. i want to transfer/copy all the bookmarks i have on the Honor9 over to the Zenfone 8 but cant seem to manage to do it. i cant even register a Dolphin account regardless of whether i use wifi or data connection. if i could do this and perhaps sync them, would that work anyway? i have got everything else on to the Zenfone 8 but bookmarks, so can someone help, please?


many tia


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Hey bud sorry for the late response, it's been a crazy busy summer. I'm not familiar with either phone or browser but I use Eversync myself.


Here's an article I found and I'll move this to tech help where you will get a greater audience.

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