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Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis [Volume 01] - Mariachi Tapatio De Jose Marmolejo (1993)


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Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis [Volume 01] - Mariachi Tapatio De Jose Marmolejo (1993)


Track Listing:
01. El Toro [The Bull]
02. La Ensalada [The Salad]
03. El Gavilancillo [The Young Hawk]
04. Las Cuatro Milpa
05. El Suchil [The Magnolia]
06. El Jilguerillo [The Goldfinch]
07. El Durazno [The Peach]
08. Mariquita [Dearest Mary]
09. El Cuervo [The Crow]
10. La Manzanita Tierna [The Unripe Apple]
11. La Chachalaca [The Chatter Bird]
12. La Pulquera [The Pulque Vendor]
13. La Canelera [The Cinnamon Vendor]
14. Blanca Palomita [The White Dove]
15. El Becerro [The Young Bull]
16. La Cantinera [The Barmaid]
17. Las Gaviotas [The Seagulls]
18. El Torero [The Bullfighter]
19. Lupita [Dearest Lupe]
20. El Enamorado [The Man In Love]
21. La Güerita [The Fair-Skinned Girl]
22. Las Abajeñas [The Lowland Girls]
23. El Frijolito [The Beanstalk]
24. El Tecolote [The Owl]
25. La Malagueña [The Lady From Malaga, Spain]

If links are dead... feel free to send me a PM if you'd like to have this goodie, I'll re-up it with pleasure for you. ;)

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