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Life Purpose Coach Practitioner (ACCREDITED)


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Life Purpose Coach Practitioner (ACCREDITED)
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Help others to open their Life Purpose & discover your Life Purpose in this FULLY ACCREDITED Coach Practitioner Course

What you'll learn
Discover how to help people uncover their Life Purpose
Uncover your own Life Purpose and start living that purposeful life
Understand what stops people from discovering their Life Purpose and help them past those blocks
Dig deep down into the core of your clients (and yourself) and connect their core to their Life Purpose
PLUS - Get a full audio version of the course to download
A desire to learn and help others how to discover their Life Purpose
A desire to uncover your own life purpose (if you haven't already)
A basic understanding of Life Coaching would be useful but not essential

Life Purpose Coach Practitioner (ACCREDITED)
Within this fully comprehensive and Fully Accredited Life Purpose Coach Practitioner Course you will discover how help people to uncover and open up their Life Purpose while also working towards uncovering your own Life Purpose.
People all over the world struggle daily to find their Life Purpose, their purpose for being here and their reason for existing and now you have the opportunity to help them. You will help them to open up their mind and very core of their being in order to uncover the thing that they had thought hidden..... their Life Purpose.
"The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Please note: The Priority Academy is Fully Accredited as a Quality Distance Learning Provider and this Life Purpose Coach Practitioner Certification is also Fully Accredited - both through the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association - Accreditation Membership Number 10662322.
When we, as human beings, discover our life purpose it opens us up to unlimited possibilities. Possibilities of hope, love, joy, abundance and so much more and yet many do not know how to find this elusive life purpose. Now they will have you to help them!
In this Life Purpose you will learn
The difference between Life Purpose and Life Reason and why that is so important
How to uncover your clients (and your) Passions, Interests Talents and Gifts
What's truly important to your clients and how that links to their Purpose
How to use various tools and strategies to break through to their true Life Purpose
What has stopped them discovering their Life Purpose and how to help them move past that
How to break through their every day life and uncover their true self and link that to their Purpose
Which key decisions in their life have hauled them back and how to break through that to a life of Purpose
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose" - Robert Byrne
You may want to help others to discover their Life Purpose or you may want to uncover your own, it may even be a bit of both of those. You may already have clients that will benefit massively from you learning how to help them with their Life Purpose or you may want to shift directions into more of a Life Purpose Coach. Whatever it may be, you already know how amazing it will feel and how fulfilling it will be to help others discover their truest Life Purpose and, of course, to uncover yours. This, without doubt, is the course for you as you will learn all of that and more.
Without a doubt, the best way to learn is through experience and that is exactly what my courses provide for you. In every course I produce I include "experience videos" that allow you to follow through the process, understand it at its deepest level, get the benefit from it and therefore retain more knowledge. These experience videos are specifically designed to take you to the very heart of what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to discover your Life Purpose and the journey that gets you there. Watching, listening and taking a few notes will help you learn..... experiencing will embed the knowledge.
What are others saying about this course?
NN - 5 Stars - "The course is really great and it helps me discover things about myself and it will definitely help my clients. Thank you."
BC - 5 Stars - "This class is filling me with ideas to use for my clients as well as giving me a better foundation for some of the things I've already been doing"
UB - 5 Stars - "very valuable and practical insights - a great complementary course to Graham's Strategic Life Coaching course"
DR - 5 Stars - "Very helpful exercises to gain more awareness about the fabrics of yourself!."
RR - 4.5 Stars - "This course has completely shifted me life. I approached it as an opportunity to receive the certification but by going through the steps, actually doing the work, I feel like a new person myself. Graham is an amazing instructor, articulate and accurate at driving home the message and an inspiration for being in service to others. Already purchased additional courses and recently inspired a friend to purchase this course as well."
Let's be honest here, you are reading this because you either want to help people discover their Life Purpose, or you want to uncover your own Life Purpose or even both of those. Then it's time to dive in, let's go on this journey together and open the world of a Life Purpose Coach Practitioner up for you. It's time you got started isn't it!
"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that change your life forever" - Keri Russell
Remember, along with everything you'll learn in this Life Purpose Coach Practitioner Course, you also have the benefit of a full 30 day money back guarantee so I've got you covered.
This is my personal invite to you; come and join me in this Life Purpose Coach Practitioner Course, come and join on this fascinating, rewarding and fulfilling journey, come and join me. Click the Buy Now or Enroll Now button and join me.
I look forward to seeing you inside the course.
My Very Best Regards
Life Purpose | Life Coach | Purpose | Coaching | Practitioner | Accredited
Who this course is for
Do you want to help others discover their Life Purpose?
Do you want to discover your Life Purpose and live that purposeful life?
Do you want to know and understand just how fulfilling your life purpose can be?

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