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Oskar De Tomas Pinter - Eco dal Tirolo (2011)


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Oskar De Tomas Pinter - Eco dal Tirolo (2011)
[World Music - Musica Popolare Italia]


Track Listing:
01. La tirolese
02. Erwin tango
03. La montanara
04. Per fare i canederli
05. Saltabello
06. Signore delle cime
07. Sul monte sventola
08. Melodie dal rifugio
09. Saltnerholf jodler
10. Rabbintal
11. Mochental valzer
12. Gertrude polka
13. Meran valzer
14. Max polka
15. Luis valzer
16. Franz polka
17. Tirol Tirol Tirol
18. Inno dal Comelgo

If links are dead... feel free to send me a PM if you would like to have this goodie, and I'll re-up it with pleasure for you. ;)

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