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The Video Rules

Bad Karma

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Dear Member,

First off:
Read the Main Forum Rules - General Forum Rules

This is important because we automatically take it you have read them and infractions will most likely result in banning which is not what any of us want?

Since early februari 2019 the posting in this section has changed.

A first simple rule, one post for a movie. There are no sub-sections with SD or HD anymore. All links go in the same post but specify the quality of the link.

Any TV series (multiple Episodes) goes in the TV Shows sub-section. If the show is successful and goes to multiple season's, then each TV season is to be broken down into the seasons. Any multiple season posts will be locked and moved to the graveyard or split dependent on Mod discretion.

Anything music related goes in the Music Videos sub-section.

Finally, if you cant find it and have used the Search Function, then make a request in the Requests sub-section. Its very rare we get beat and cant find what you are yearning for so dont be afraid of asking.

The more information you give us the better:

  • Did you mean standard DVD, HD, Blu-Ray etc.?
  • Is it a movie? Or a movie made for TV?
  • What particular video? Remember there can be several remakes of the item you are after.
  • Give us more information like IMDb, Season Number etc.
  • Let us know if any links are dead when you try them. This does happen and we will do our best to reload as soon as we can. Please do not hassle or "bump" the post.
  • If you download from a members post then please take 2 seconds to use the  Like  button on the bottom of the persons post instead of posting a thanks. This sends a personnel notification to the person who made the post that you have thanked them.
  • This will also greatly help the moderators in doing their job. Whenever you reply "Thanks" to a post, the mods have to go to that post and see if it could be spam or if links are dead or what ever. By using the Like button the poster knows that you liked his/her post but the mods do not have to go and visit that topic.

Dead Links:
Hit the report button or message the poster about the dead link as they are likely to be the first one able to re-link.

The rule book is not comprehensive and final, so check it out now and again.
We are here to help you find what you want but you must help us as well.

V1.01 Rules about Movie section updated on 06/02/2019 by Bad Karma.

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