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Timi Yuro - Hurt (1960)


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Timi Yuro - Hurt (1960)


01. For you
02. Cry
03. You'll never know
04. Trying
05. Hurt
06. I won't cry anymore
07. A little bird told me
08. I should care
09. Just say I love him
10. And that reminds me
11. I'm confessin that I love you
12. I Apologize

To avoid pop-up/pop-under windows from the MirrorCreator site:
1. Right-click on the host you want to download from and select "Open in a new tab"
2. Right-Click again on the provided link and select again "Open in a new Tab"
3. Download from the host and close the 2 previously opened windows.
Doing so you will almost never have pop-up/pop-under windows.

HINT ... if you download from zippyshare
If Firefox is your browser, then right-click on the [DOWNLOAD] button and select "Save Link As..."
You won't have any pop-up window at all!

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