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Es - Aspire To Inspire (2014)


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Artist       : Es
Album        : Aspire To Inspire
Genre        : Hip-Hop
Year         : 2014-00-00
Label        : Essenchill Records
Tracks       : 13
Playtime     : 00:45:42
Size         : 104,63 MB
Codec        : MPEG 1 Layer III / 320 kbps

01. Aspire To Inspire (Prod. NRJ) (03:59)
02. Grown Man (Prod. Icue) (04:15)
03. Wish You're Looking For (Feat. Mathematik) (Prod. Swarthy Soul) (03:04)
04. New Day (Prod. Kiza Beats) (03:49)
05. Message Break (Interlude) (Prod. Suff Daddy) (01:00)
06. For The Loot (Prod. Je$u$) (04:03)
07. The Good Fight (Prod. The Arkeologists) (03:36)
08. What Are You Fighting For? (Interlude) (Feat. Gemini) (01:10)
09. Keep It Movin' (Prod. Euphonic) (05:13)
10. Love (Prod. Euphonic) (04:37)
11. Moment Of Weakness (Feat. John John) (Prod. 1988) (04:51)
12. Uninspired (Prod. I. Khan) (02:47)
13. Aspire To Inspire (Inspiration) (Prod. Concept) (03:13)

░░     Based out of Mississauga (suburb of Toronto), Es is a student of hip-hop.
░░     Inspired by golden era hip-hop, Es makes a conscious effort to take it
░░     back to the essence of hip-hop...hard beats and raw rhymes. After years
░░     of honing his craft, 2015 would prove to be his best year with a win for
░░     best urban artist at 2015's Toronto Independent Music Awards.
░░     ôAspire To Inspireö is my lifeÆs motto. It is also a symbol of my
░░     journeyà my growthà my progression. This record is a feel good
░░     inspirational and motivational collection of songs, intended to uplift
░░     anyone who has ever had to overcome adversity or odds stacked against
░░     them. It is an honest audio journal of my goals, dreams, successes, joys,
░░     failures and words of encouragement to all who can relate to my
░░     storyàcoming from a grown manÆs perspective. The ability to inspire
░░     others to strive to be better is one of lifeÆs ultimate rewards. LetÆs
░░     ôAspire To Inspireö. Peace.
░░     -Es-

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