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Jokes - The Rules


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Welcome to the lounge and the jokes section.



While no minors are permitted under the age of 13 on this site allowing the jokes to be more (shall we say) worldly, we do have a couple of rules that you should take note of.



The main Forum rules apply, so make sure you are aware of them. 







No jokes about pornography, drugs, religion or politics to be posted in any way, shape, or form that would be offensive, hurtful, or just likely to start a yapping match between members.



There are a huge amount of jokes out there, all different flavours, many hilarious some more of a groan. What you think is bad can be humorous to others, so play the field.



Most people can laugh at themselves, their background etc. but sometimes the joke can be a little sharp, so think first, eh?



Jokes can be retold in different ways, so go easy on someone posting a similar joke - we now run into many pages and it is hard to keep track. Besides, "old chestnuts" still get a laugh later in life.




Dead Links:



Make a post stating which links are dead.



Mail the poster about the dead link as they are likely to be the first one able to re-link.



As ever, rules may change later so make sure you check in now and again.





Updated  18-6-6


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