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Portable iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro


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Portable iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro


100% Safe and Easy to Reset Administrator & User Passwords on Any Windows without Reformatting or Reinstalling System. It will be a very frustrating thing if you forget the login password of your computer, today, iSeePassword tool will end such tragedy. The password recovery for Windows tool can be the right key, which can remove lost/forgotten local administrator and users' password for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 quickly and conveniently. Only 3 Steps, you can regain your password.

Recover & Reset Password for All User Accounts
Many times, forgetting administrator password is a big headache for users, if you don't have reset disk or another admin account, in such situation, the only thing you can do is reformat your hard drive, and re-install your windows system, but this would cause the loss of all data or computer crashed, it's not an ideal solution. Whatever the reason, iSeePassword tool can be able to easily reset your password without re-installing the system.

• Remove or reset Windows administrator and other user password for local account, fast and easy, no need to re-install system.
• Recover domain administrator and other domain user passwords.
• Enable you to create a new administrator account instantly.
• Reset Windows Microsoft account password.

What can the iSeePassword Program Do?
When you forget your Windows administrator password and locked out of Windows, you can't access your computer, but all-in-one Windows password restore software can help you reset and recover all windows password without re-installing system and losing your data. Whether it is Windows local administrator or other users password, domain admin or other users password, iSeePassword tool will be your best choice to unlock it.

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iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Portable | 68.41 MB

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