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Latest changes in warning system

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Hello folks,

We have made some changes in our warning system. Here are the changes made:

  • All warning points will be permanent from now on
  • When members hit 3 points mark they will be unable to access forum for 7 days
  • At 6 points mark, members won't be able to access forum for 14 days
  • At 12 points mark it will be a permanent ban

The warning points are as follows:

  1. Spamming: 1 point
  2. Abusive Behaviour: 1 point
  3. Inappropriate Language: 1 point
  4. Not Searching or Posting Dupes: 1 point
  5. Posting Premium Links without Free Links: 1 point
  6. Signature Violation: 1 point
  7. Topic Bumping: 1 point
  8. Disposable Email Address: 2 points
  9. Duplicate Accounts: 2 points
  10. Flaming to Moderators: 3 points

Remember that every warning comes from not obeying Forum Rules so make sure that you have read and understood them before doing anything wrong.

Posting "thank you" or any kind of useless posts are considered as Spamming and will not be tolerated. As you may have seen in the chatbox:


SAVE THE MODS HAVING TO CHECK WHAT YOU DID. Instead, click the react-like3.png button to reveal the hidden links.


Please keep the forum clean and civil at all times.


Best regards,

Andr||Net Team

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Update: We have a new warning level for using disposable email addresses in the forum which has a value of 2 points.

Please remember that "Forum Andr||Net will NEVER spam its members but doesn't want to be spammed either, that is the only reason why we do not accept disposable Email addresses."

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