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RIP Pixel 1

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RIP Pixel 1


Google Ends Support For Original Pixel

With the calendar having recently turned over to November, Google has sent out updates to its latest phones with the Pixel 4 getting a handful of improvements. However, anyone still rocking an original Pixel unfortunately got nothing.

The Google Pixel is scheduled to have its support ended this month, but Google said the OG Pixel will actually get one last update in December, which will “encapsulates a variety of updates” from November and December. After that, it's time for retirement.

If you're an original Pixel owner who has been enjoying all of the software and security updates Google has deigned to send your way over the years, we have some bad news for you now: Google has officially ended support for the Pixel 1, meaning users will not have access to any further updates.

To be clear, that certainly doesn't mean you need to stop using the phone. There's no Google magic at play here that will disable your device or otherwise hinder its functionality (aside from the usual wear-and-tear that comes with operating an aging smartphone).

However, if you do choose to hold off on upgrading, you won't have access to any of the latest Pixel-specific features, major upcoming versions of Android, or security patches. Android 10 is the last big software update you can expect to receive.

For those who haven't been keeping track, the Pixel 1's official support period lasted around three years -- that's certainly not awful, and smartphones from other phonemakers often stop receiving updates far sooner. However, it's also not ideal, especially given Google's role in the Android eco-system. If anything, you'd think the company would have an easier time supporting its phones over longer periods due to its position as the OS' developer.

Apple, another first-party phonemaker (all of the tech giant's devices run on its own operating systems), typically continues to roll out software, security, and feature updates to its gadgets for roughly five years.

Regardless, there's not much that can be done about it now. If you are a Pixel 1 owner, we certainly hope you're able to keep using the device as long as possible, but for security reasons alone, it might be worth considering an upgrade sometime over the coming months.

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