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No Man's Sky Update 1 [RePacked]


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No Man's Sky [Update 1] (2016) PC | RePack FitGirl | 1.7 GB

No Man's Sky - a game with a completely open world, where every star, every planet, every continent, every mountain, every tree and every stone on the ground procedurally generated. This means that the world is unique each time it is created, and the boundaries for the study simply does not exist. The game is a space exploration simulator, with many star systems, which are generated randomly.

The user is required to study the results of the planet, its fauna and flora, interact with the environment. The space will have to fight with the enemy fleet and jobs to catch criminals. The main distinguishing feature of No Man's Sky, which has repeatedly emphasized the authors, - the magnitude. Space in the game - it's almost boundless space of the hundreds of star systems.

To study the process is not dragged on for years, No Man's Sky made online. Due to the size of the generated galaxy travelers will rarely meet, but their discovery, planets and other objects are displayed on a map of the universe.

Along with the planets procedurally generated weapons and ships. There are thousands of options to create them. To maintain order in the universe of No Man's Sky introduced a five-level system of tracing criminals.

The higher the score, the more bounty hunters will chase user space ship. Exploring planets, each of which has its own moon, the player will be able to significantly affect the environment, actually changing its landscape.

Features repack

Repak is based on the release of "No Man's Sky + DLC-GOG": 2,684,472,849 bytes

100% Lossless and MD5 Perfect: all the files after you install the original release identical bit-accurate

Do not cut, no recoded

Restored entries in the registry for compatibility with future patches on GOG

The folder is added NoDVD CODEX medicine in case of a quick patch Steam-version

compression significantly improved (from 2.5 to 1.7 GB)

Installation takes from 5 minutes (8 nuclei + SSD) to 15 minutes (2 cores + HDD)

After installing the game it takes 3 GB (~ 6 GB to repack during installation)

After the installation is available checksums of all files check option to ensure that repak establish normal

To change the language after first start the game, run the "LanguageSetup.exe" in the root of the game

Changes in Update 1

Update 1:
the UPDATE: the Phenom AMD's How it works Support
Thousands of lines of assembly have Been rewritten to support AMD's CPUs.
The game code no longer relies on anything above SSE
the Havok has the Physics Also now! Just Created new libs.
. The Game is now! Just Confirmed working on the Phenom CPUs
the UPDATE: Mouse the Smoothing
the Smoothing on mouse movement has improved version Been to Prevent or hitching a stuttering, and is now! Just are adjustable through the Options menu The user is in the "Mouse the Smoothing".
It now! Just the defaults to off.
If you feel the framerate is "slow " or "lumpy", please make sure that this is turned off (it helps players with sub-
30 fps to)
the UPDATE: Improved the Performance
the On CPUs with 4 threads or fewer, performance has Been improved version.
The On . CPUs with 8 threads, performance has Also Been are significantly improved version
the UPDATE: the Radeon 6xxx
. Added support for the this the GPU, the which does not support the OpenGL 4.5 fully
the UPDATE: player Get the saves
. the Help to recover some player saves the which HAD Been the lost or the corrupt
Alt- improved version has the Tab
Some Systems / the configs Were the crashing or not the Alt pausing Correctly on the Tab.
Should now! Just the BE This is resolved.
For Shader the Caching
Framerate WAS INITIALLY stuttering of due to not being of shaders Correctly by the cached is the GPU on some Systems.
We have replaced the GPU caching system.
You may notice some stutter during the Galactic Map intro to the game (the very first time you run), but it should be smoother from then on (this will be fixed in future).
Particularly to true is This on the ATI cards
the Max the FPS of Cap
the On some the CPU / the GPU configurations, the Max setting the FPS to 60 or 30 was not giving 60 or 30 FPS (causing stuttering).
Improved version has Been This.
The Intel Detection's the GPU
for We do not support the Intel GPUs of currently.
Are working on for We the this for a future the patch, to expand Property Our min the spec.
With In the Meantime, the game will of the let you now! Just the know the if you are Trying to the run with an unsupported by the GPU.
Flag will hopefully will of This for some the users That Their the high end the GPU has not Been selected.
gsync has Been the disabled by the default, the which WAS Causing an issue for some the users

Repak updated to Update 1. Changed files: setup.exe, setup-fitgirl-06.bin
new file: setup-fitgirl-08.bin Pereheshiruyte old and distributed.
Included, as well as earlier - version and GOG OF CODEX. Use the files that you have played before.






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