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Portable Atlantic Fleet v.1.0.0 (2016)


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The Fleet The Atlantic - a strategy naval battles global coverage. The most realistic simulator dedicated to maritime operations of the Second World War, deployed in the vast Atlantic. This game perfectly combines the accuracy, turn-based combat and top-notch graphics.
At the beginning of World War II, a powerful US naval powers and the United Kingdom have begun to wage fierce battles for control of shipping communications. Huge navies of these countries with the support of its allies prevailed on all oceans, including the Atlantic. Both world wars Germany held in conditions of severe naval blockade, so for her struggle for the most important waterways was like a battle for survival. German Kriegsmarine (Navy) with the flow of British shipping, smashed convoys picaroon submarines inflicted serious damage, sinking dozens of military and merchant ships with a displacement of hundreds of thousands of tons, but change the course of the war could not. In the Atlantic Fleet we get vigorous development , a strategic framework of the game logically combined with a rapid operational response, seriously claimed elements of the simulator as in the elaboration of a very spectacular 3D graphics and tactical decisions. Impressive arsenal and provided naval ships, carrier-based aircraft, participated in the battles of those years. In total there is 50 combat missions and mission editor, which will create its own unique setting. As for the game, then there are a few key missions, including: - training mission in 7 episodes; - A single battle, including 19 episodes; - Campaign, with the choice to play for the Royal navy of Great Britain and its allies or the German Kriegsmarine; - the Battle of the Atlantic.
Released: 2016 Genre: Strategy (turnbased, Tactical), Simulator, 3D Developer: Killerfish Games is Publisher: Killerfish Games is platform: the PC Type publication: RePack / the Portable Medicine: not required (treated) Language: English Language: English Size: 168 MB (3% recovery)



About 60 historic classes of ships.
Choose from over 630 ships and 350 submarines, 13 gaming aircraft.
The choice of the geographical area of operations.
The choice of the enemy (coming, defender).
The choice of weather conditions (clear, cloudy, sunny, rain).
Change of day, night, morning, noon.
Excellent 3D-graphics: very easy positioning, rotation of units in any direction and transitions from a surface to an underwater position.
Realistic physics: damage, destruction, fires, loss of ships ...
Underwater war, convoys .
. Up to 10 ships against 10 enemy units
and is still very much that you can discover in this game. Features of version: this publication contains the assembly of portable poststrel, created on the basis RePack by ARMENIAC. The settings in the system does not require: Run and play, compact, occupies minimal memory space on your hard disk. System Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP or higher Processor: 1.2 GHz Memory: 1 GB Video Card: of DirectX: Version 9.0c Hard disk space: 190 MB







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