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Jeff Fry, "Preparedness Gardening: How to Grow Real Sustenance and Naturally Build Soil Fertility in Troubled Times "


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Jeff Fry, "Preparedness Gardening: How to Grow Real Sustenance and Naturally Build Soil Fertility in Troubled Times "

2016 | ASIN: B01C7UCDVO | 65 pages | EPUB | 0,7 MB


Without question, we live in dangerous and unprecedented times. We are inching towards the biggest economic collapse in history – which is threatening enough on its own – on top of risks of civil unrest, international war, severe weather and natural disasters, terrorist or cyber attacks, and more. Against these, our centralized, just-in-time food delivery system, dependent upon a fragile web of power grids and telecommunication networks, is extremely vulnerable. If civilization is indeed three meals away from anarchy, there is no question that food preparedness in our troubled times is vital.

When it comes to producing our own food, there are few books that address self-reliant gardening. Almost invariably, contemporary gardening books are written for market gardening or pleasure gardening, neither of which is interested in developing food resiliency in the face of crises.

Preparedness Gardening meets that need by outlining how to garden for the purpose of food preparedness so that we can have that crucial stock of fresh food to see us through a food shortage and/or to significantly offset our grocery costs in economically hard times. Preparedness Gardening also addresses how to create a garden, big or small, for the first time and how to build and regenerate soil health by using the power of bio-mimicry and the soil foodweb – incredibly promising knowledge from the soil-science frontier that any grower will value – all interwoven with a preparedness point of view and a minimalist approach. This book is a must-read for gardeners sensing the need for a new local-food renaissance that sees individuals, families, and communities take back far greater control of their food supply in the pursuit of security, independence, and health.

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