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Hitler's Heavy Panzers 1943-45 (Images of War) by Ian Baxter


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Hitler's Heavy Panzers 1943-45 (Images of War) by Ian Baxter
English | Mar 2, 2016 | ISBN: 1473833574 | 176 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF (conv) | 61.25 MB

This work with its in-depth text, captions and rare images chronicles the last desperate years of the Wehrmacht Panzerwaffe. Despite a worsening strategic situation both on the Eastern Front and in the West, Hitler’s Panzers and their highly motivated crews showed superior tactical abilities and killing power abut such was the overall picture that this was not enough to alter the course of the war as the Allies closed remorselessly in on Berlin.

Covered in this superb book are many variants, some well known and others less so including often modified, up-armored and up-gunned models. Copious images of Tigers 1 and 11, Panzerjager, Panthers, Panzer 4’s, StuG IV and III, Wespes, Hummels are provided as well as other fine examples of German engineering.


This is a good collection of well captioned photos with some useful references for modellers. A series showing a Tiger I under maintenance, along with the large gantry crane will make a useful reference for what could be an interesting diorama. The book itself has 140 pages and is split into three chapters plus three appendices. The chapters break the years down to cover Fighting Withdrawal 1943, then Panzer in Retreat 1944 and then The End 1944-45. Each one is introduced by a couple of pages of background text to set the scene, then a collection of photos appropriate for each period. At the end of the book there are appendices to provide more information and these are notes on Armoured Crew Uniforms, German Armoured Vehicle Colours 1943-45 and a list of Panzer Divisions Units, Insignia and Theatres of Operation.
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