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Investing For Dummies (4th Edition)


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Investing For Dummies (4th Edition)
Published: 2005-12-12 | ISBN: 0764599127 | PDF | 456 pages | 6 MB


Do you have a few investments that you would like to develop into a full investment plan? Would you like to know how to strengthen your portfolio? Perhaps you want to roll your 401(k) into a new plan? Whatever your agenda is, nowadays its hard to find good advice on where to invest your money.

Now youll have the ultimate one-stop, no-nonsense guide to investing with Investing for Dummies, Fourth Edition! This updated bestseller provides fresh data and analysis on where to put your money and how to improve returns on IRAs and 401(k)s, as well as investing fundamentals like examining your investment options and considering risks and returns. Youll have all the tools you need to:
Investigate and purchase individual stocks
Buy bonds and other lending investments
Select the right mutual fund
Invest in the best stock, bond, and money market funds
Choose a worthy brokerage firm
Know when to invest in real estate
Start and run your own small business
Gather a collection of reliable investment resources
This handy reference is packed with tips and advice on how to conquer important investment obstacles and what to consider when selling an investment, as well as how to invest in a down market. With Investing for Dummies, Fourth Edition, youll soon have the power to turbo-charge your investment and maximize your returns!


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