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Stardust Monuments: The Saving and Selling of Hollywood


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Stardust Monuments: The Saving and Selling of Hollywood
English | 2012 | ISBN: 161168045X, 1611680468 | 256 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Stardust Monuments spotlights the enduring efforts to memorialize and canonize the history and meaning of Hollywood and American film culture. In this engaging analysis, Alison Trope explores the tensions between art and commerce as they intersect in a range of nonprofit and for-profit institutions and products.

An insightful tour of Hollywoods past, present, and future, Stardust Monuments examines the establishment of film libraries and museums beginning in the mid 1930s, the many failed attempts to open a Hollywood museum ranging from the 1960s to today, and the more successful recent corporate efforts to use Hollywoods past in theme restaurants and parks, classic movie channels, and DVD boxed sets.

This fascinating narrative details the ongoing struggle to champion and codify Hollywoods legacy, a struggle engaged in by Hollywood stars and corporate executives, as well as memorabilia collectors and users of IMDb.


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