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Understanding and Using English Grammar - Teacher's Guide, 4 edition


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Understanding and Using English Grammar - Teacher's Guide, 4 edition
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0132052113 | 336 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB
This Teachers Guide is intended as a practical aid to teachers. You can turn to it for notes on the
content of a unit and how to approach the exercises, for suggestions for classroom activities, and for answers to the exercises in the text.

General teaching information can be found in the introduction. It includes:
the rationale and general aims of Understanding and Using English Grammar
classroom techniques for presenting charts and using exercises
suggestions on using the Workbook in connection with the student book
supplementary resource texts
comments on differences between American and British English
a key to the pronunciation symbols used in this Guide
The rest of the Guide contains detailed notes and instructions for teaching every chapter. Each
chapter contains three main parts: the chapter summary, the background notes on charts and
exercises (found in the gray shaded boxes), and the bulleted step-by-step instructions for the charts
and most of the exercises.
The Chapter Summary explains the objective and approach of the chapter. It also explains any
terminology critical to the chapter.
The gray background notes boxes contain additional explanations of the grammar point,
common problem areas, and points to emphasize. These notes are intended to help the
instructor plan the lessons before class.
The bulleted step-by-step instructions contain detailed plans for conducting the lesson in
The back of the Guide contains the answer key for the student book and an index.


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