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Handmade Greeting Cards: How to Make Homemade Greeting Cards


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Handmade Greeting Cards: How to Make Homemade Greeting Cards
2016 | EPUB | 27 pages | ASIN: B01ARUQ6LE | English | 0.1 MB

Your Guide to Making Thoughtful Greeting Cards At Home

Receiving a personalized greeting card is a surprising and heart-warming experience that everyone should have. But with the popularity of email and social networking on the rise, it seems that people have forgotten the thrill of giving away greeting cards as most people find it convenient to just send text or email messages to greet people on their special days.

Although this may be the case, creating homemade greeting cards has become a popular craft recently as many people want to find a way to explore their creativity. Making your own homemade greeting cards is not a complicated hobby. In fact, you can apply your craft skills to create greeting cards. However, having a guide to help you create greeting cards can be helpful for your hobby thus this book.

With this book, you will be able to learn about the following:

Understand the basics of greeting cards. Chapter 1 discusses the history of card making, its benefits and the types of greeting cards that you can make as well as available in the market.
Chapter 2 discusses about the basics of making greeting cards. This chapter has in-depth discussion on the different elements of successful greeting cards, tools and supplies and techniques. This chapter will help you develop your skills in creating thoughtful greeting cards.
Lastly, Chapter 3 discusses about recommended steps on how to make homemade greeting cards. This chapter provides discussion on how to make different cards such as standard greeting cards to those generated from the computer. This chapter also discusses about the different tips on how to make greeting cards.


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