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Speed Reading: Proven Techniques for Reading Faster and Learning More with Complete Comprehension


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Speed Reading: Proven Techniques for Reading Faster and Learning More with Complete Comprehension
2016 | EPUB | 41 pages | ASIN: B01ACTW2YU | English | 96 KB
No Matter Who You Are, You Can Learn How to Increase Your Reading Speed By Triple in No Time!

Speed reading is a talent that most people wish they could enjoy. They want to be able to read through emails and important instructions quickly rather than wasting time. They would like to be able to get through a book when they are short on time.

This seven-chapter book will discuss in detail:

What is Speed Reading?
The History of Speed Reading
Understanding How the Human Mind Reads
The Benefits of Speed Reading
FAQs and Myths About Speed Reading
Speed Reading Techniques to Get You Started
Beginner Strategies
Supplemental Strategies
The 30 Minute Rule
Speed Reading Exercises
Learning How to Fix Your Personal Reading Issues

Speed reading is a relatively new idea. This might be because of the flood of new information with great historical inventions such as the printing press and the Internet. In the past, just being able to read was a big deal that was mostly exclusive to the wealthy and well-connected. But now so many people can read and there are just so many things you need to be able to read and understand that it becomes critical to be able to read at a fast pace.

Take a look through this guidebook to learn everything you need to know, as well as some great tips and techniques to get started, about speed reading to help you to really enjoy this process.

Speed reading can help to improve your life in no time at all. Giving just 30 minutes a day to practice can make such a big difference and soon you will be able to zip through information with full comprehension in minimal time.


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