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Sticky Habits: 6 Simple Steps to Create Good Habits Stick


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Sticky Habits: 6 Simple Steps to Create Good Habits Stick
2014 | EPUB | 158 pages | ISBN: 1502573482 | English | 0.2 MB
Create Indestructible Habits: Learn the Proven Skills of Forming Good Habits That Stick

Have you had trouble in the past sticking to your goals and resolutions? Want to learn a new skill, start an exercise program, or eat a healthier diet? You have the intelligence and desire to improve your life. But theres one thing missing the ability to stick to a habit until it becomes natural and automatic. If youve had trouble developing new habits in the past, it doesnt mean youre lazy or incapable. You just need to learn the science-backed skills proven to keep you on track until your habit is part of your daily life for as long as you wish.

A Solid Plan + Small Steps + Accountability = A Brand New Habit

The first step toward shaping a sticky habit is creating your personal habit plan. You cant dive in headfirst and launch a new habit full force. You need to carefully prepare in advance, using the Sticky Habits six-step method to ensure your success. With this method, youll start with baby steps that are so easy and painless, it wont feel like effort. Youll have no excuses to forget to practice your habit or give up too early. This simple, comfortable method is coupled with solid accountability to support your efforts and help you stay motivated even after the initial thrill of starting something new wears off. As you practice your habit every day, youre actually creating new neural pathways in your brain, supporting your real-world efforts.

Take Control: How the Power of Habits Will Change Your Life

Whether youre looking to add just one small new behavior to your routine or develop a series of substantial new habits, the simple method taught in Sticky Habits can improve your entire life. Adding just one new powerful habit to your life can create a cascade of positive new behaviors almost effortlessly. Ever notice how exercise makes you want to eat healthier or making your bed makes you feel more organized? Habits are powerful tools for self-creation, and knowing the skills to form them puts YOU squarely in charge of designing your life just as you want it to be. Imagine being able to accomplish any new skill you wish, easily and effortlessly, for as long as you want. Imagine creating an endless stack of new habits, one after the other, and changing your life entirely. Want to start running? Check! Want to learn to meditate? Check! Want learn a new language? Check! You can accomplish any new habit you desire, as long as you have the right tools. Sticky Habits is your toolbox for building unbreakable habits and creating a brand new life.


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