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Ajax Bible


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Ajax Bible
2007 | ISBN: 0470102632 | PDF | 723 pages | 10 Mb

Create blazing-fast Web applications with powerful Ajax. If you think that mastering Ajax is too difficult, guess again. You can create Web applications that look and feel like desktop apps in less time than you think with the comprehensive Ajax instruction in this in-depth book. You'll find easy-to-follow tutorials, hundreds of tips and tricks, and so much practical information that even skilled developers will reach for this book first. Let this Bible be your guide as you jump into the hottest Web programming technology in years.

Master the fundamentalsJavaScript, XML, dynamic HTML, and CSS
Tie Ajax into Google with the Google API
Handle simultaneous XMLHttpRequest objects in Ajax
Use Ajax frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, AjaxTags, and others
Understand the Document Object Model (DOM)
Create floating menus and effects with CSS
Encrypt data over plain HTTP using JavaScript
Adapt real-world examples to your own programs


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