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Get The Public Education Your Kids Deserve


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Get The Public Education Your Kids Deserve
English | 2016 | ASIN: B01BOEJE2K | 65 pages | ePUB | 112 KB

Youre a parent, so youre stressed, always in motion. Your childs teacher is under pressure, stretched to do too much, too fast, with too little.

Many parents are working two jobs. Class sizes are big, school budgets are small, and teachers teach to the test to preserve their own jobs. Can you, the parent, possibly ensure the teacher pays attention to your child? Can you ensure your child is getting a good education?
YES! This book will show you how.
This book has three guiding principles and numerous specific proven tips and techniques. These principles and techniques have been used with good results by too-busy parents just like you.
These parents used the techniques in this book. Their children got the education they deserved. The techniques are effective no matter who your child is. They can be implemented no matter how full your days are. Do this: in a single evening you can read the first two chapters and the chapter that applies to your childs grade level. You can use these methods the very next day.
If you think your child may need special support and services, in one evening you can read the first two chapters, and chapters Nine and Ten on special education. You can apply those ideas the very next day.



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