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Harem of the Orc King


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Harem of the Orc King
English | 2015 | ASIN: B016VAJ98G | 66 pages | ePUB | 185 KB

Warrior princess Duvessa goes to the rescue with her elfin air cavalry. They are fighting orcish raiders who have taken elves and humans prisoner. Her attack is successful, freeing the prisoners, but her direhawk is killed over the battlefield and she is captured.

Given to Fulk, King of Orcs, she must find a way to not only escape, but rescue all of the humans and elves being held in the orcish capital. And no one has ever escaped from the orcs before.

How will Duvessa win her freedom? This randy elf maid has lots of wicked ideas and schemes, but which one will lead to victory? Yet, no one does it better than Duvessa.


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