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Lovienthal Montague Spiritual Detective


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Lovienthal Montague Spiritual Detective
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1519784066, 9781519784063 | 278 pages | ePUB | 311 KB

 can only be described as a raunchy dark-humored zombie thriller that breaks from the mold of traditional zombie books that typically feature a fearless lead character who always knows what to do, what to say, and how to handle every situation that may arise in the most tactful way possible.

A look into the life of Lovienthal Montague:

Lovienthal Montague is overweight, balding, and has zero life skills. And, at age 50 he finds himself an unemployed lifelong welfare recipient and recreational drug user living in a rundown mobile home in Ocean View Trailer Park.

Often harassed and mocked by the neighborhood children, and loathed by societys adults, Lovienthal on any other Friday morning would find himself with no good reason to even get out of bed, and thereby usually electing to sleep in and nurse his hangover. But, this Friday is like no other because todays the day Lovienthal stop working for the man and starts working for him. He has decided to become an entrepreneur and start the Agency, which its mission statement is to teach people long caught up in societys rat race how to become righteous again. Only Lovienthals first day on the job doesnt go exactly as planned.


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