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Miss Matched


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Miss Matched
English | 2016 | ASIN: B01AIL1F7C | 285 pages | ePUB | 393 KB

Carly Toblan had a little too much champagne at her best friends wedding. Now shes found herself flirting with a hunky shifter whos bent on showing her how much he wants her. Shes never been with a shifter but suddenly this curvy girl is hearing the call of the wild up close and personal.

Bear-shifter, Bastien Auberon, knows two things for sure. 1. Carly is his mate and 2. She doesnt want to want him. Too bad because she does. And hell use that unquenchable desire to get her to be his. Hed never used sex to keep a woman before, but in love and war, anything goes.

With her father sending eligible men her way, and someone trying to take his mate from him, Bastiens ready to roar in frustration. He has a lot to figure out before he can get Carly into a forever state of mind. Claiming a woman had never been this difficult. Good thing hes so persistent and will let nothing stand in his way.


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