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Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals


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Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals
English | 2016 | ASIN: B01CCCONWY | 37 pages | ePUB | 144 KB

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Antibiotics - Homemade Herbal Remedies that Kill Pathogens and Cure Bacterial Infections and Allergies. Prevent Illness, Cold and Flu.

More often than once you have passed through a vegetable market and/or your own garden and seen these beautiful fresh vegetables, herbs or even weeds of varying colours, texture and shapes. Chances are you are looking at a powerful antiviral or antibiotic natural substance that could be the answer to an illness you might be suffering from. Bacteria and virus caused illnesses and diseases are sometimes hard to prevent and treat due to their rapid regeneration in the hosts cell. Severe cases of Bacterial and viral infections are bound to recur from time to time. This makes it expensive and annoying. Good news people! There may be a cheap, easy, homemade solution to your problem which you may not even know exists, natures own gift to mankind.

It is important to note that we are not ruling out conventional medicine hence we do not intent for the reader to disregard the doctors advice. Through this book, our sole intention is to inform our reader of available, cheaper alternatives to conventional medicine.

This book provides useful information on available natural alternatives that we can use in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections, diseases caused by other pathogens and homemade remedies for allergies. It introduces you to traditional medicines that have been in use for ages and are proven to work in a greater percentage of people. There are five chapters that will provide all the information you need in a simple and clear language.
Introduction to natural antibiotics and antivirals.
Common viral infections and natural homemade remedies for these infections.
Common bacterial infections with proven natural homemade remedies.
Natural remedies for fungal infections
Natural remedies for allergic reactions


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