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People Games: The Ten Most Common Mind Games and Power Plays That People Play


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People Games: The Ten Most Common Mind Games and Power Plays That People Play
English | 2016 | ASIN: B01C3GMWR2 | 37 pages | ePUB | 258 KB

In dealing and communicating with other people, we often fall prey to their power plays and mind games. "People Games" is a non-technical, easy to read guide to help you recognize when you are being manipulated by others in your social, family, business, or work interactions.

A power play is a maneuver, usually verbal, that is used by a person to (i) manipulate another person to do something or (ii) avoid giving the other person what they want. This book will teach you how to RECOGNIZE such power plays being used against you, especially the most commonly used ones by other people, and also how to RESPOND to and deal with such power plays.

You will learn how to extricate yourself from secret ploys, unclear motives, and shady maneuvers used by other people, and structure your interactions so that they are no longer clouded by such undesirable things. In doing so, you will be able to protect your personal boundaries, move towards more open and honest communication with other people, and be able to protect your own best interests.

Some of the power plays and mind games covered by "People Games" are:

1. Dominance/Submission
2. Emotional Blackmail
3. You Owe Me
4. Playing the Victim
and more


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