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Station 332


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Station 332
English | 2016 | ASIN: B01BNPMKXA | 26 pages | ePUB | 100 KB

For Charles, responding to 's emergency help request starts out no different than any other mission. She's been paired with a near-retirement medic, Robin, and a lax mechanic, Jay. Their job is simple: check the station, kill any threats, provide assistance if needed, then return to Central.

But this is unlike any assistance request Charles has been on before.

Someone or something has destroyed the station, smashing the control panel and upending equipment. They find two bodiesmurderedin the bedroom, and the third staff member is missing.

Robin labels it a murder-suicide, but Charles has doubts.

Something is killing Central's best fighters, leaving humanity defenceless. It's spreading quickly. And the danger lives closer to home than anyone ever expected


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